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The military hotel WDW "HEL" is situated in the Hel resort, about 2 km from the extreme edge of the Hel Peninsula, on the outskirts of the town from the one side and the forest on the other one. Its unique local microclimate with healing properties resulting from large amount of iodine in the air is highly valued by people suffering from allergy, thyroid diseases or breathing system disorders. The highest air saturation with iodine occurs in May and June. Clean beaches add to the attractiveness and beauty of the WDW "HEL" encourage to rest there. It takes 15 minutes to walk through the forest to reach the wide beach at the Baltic Seaside only 5 minutes to walk along the town streets to reach the small beach at the Puck Bay. Beaches of Hel are not so crowded even during the peak summer season. Moreover, Hel is the sunniest place in Poland. It has the highest number of sunny days during the year which makes it a popular tourist destination. It sometimes rains in nearby resorts Jurata or Jastarnia while the weather in Hel is sunny. The main attractions of Hel are the only seal ZOO in Poland as well as fishing port, yacht port, cruises on a pleasure-boat round the Peninsula, cruises on a hydrofoil to Gdynia, Gdańsk or pleasure trips to Baltiisk. Hel is also rich in valuable monuments of culture and history connected with the local sea tradition. You can admire an old lighthouse built in 1950. In the Museum of Fishery you can see the only open-air display of old fishing boats in Poland and military enthusiasts can visit the remains of strategic defences dating from before, and during, WWII. Moreover, Hel offers its tourists a well-developed trade and catering infrastructure. In summer main street turns into a promenade with lots of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. WDW "HEL" stretches on about 3 hectares of peaceful and safe area. We offer 3,4,5,6 and 8-person camping huts. 5,6,8-persons camping huts (semi-detached) are made up of two separate rooms with one common bathroom (toilet with boiler and warm water). We also possess 3 persons higher standard camping huts with bathroom (toilet and shower and warm water), refrigerators and television sets. Our military holiday hotel possesses separate baths, café, TV room, volleyball field, car park and camping sites. Meals are available in the Navy Mess close to the WDW "HEL". During all seasons we invite all guests at any time (telephone or written booking is requested).